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Converge2012-12-13Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 63.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Comeback Kid2014-04-06Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 65.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Backtrack2015-12-12Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 26.23 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Marilyn Manson2012-06-03Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 58.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewRT
Sick Of It All2016-10-15Germany, Chemnitz - AJZ Talschock AUDFull HD MasterView
Kvelertak2011-12-04Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 65.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Comeback Kid2015-05-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 51.13 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Heaven Shall Burn2012-12-21Germany, Saalfeld - Klubhaus 85.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Ignite2014-04-29Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 31.41 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Slipknot2016-01-28Germany, Leipzig - Messehalle 1 94.28 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Hot Water Music2012-06-20Germany, Dresden - Scheune 68.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Beatsteaks2017-05-30Germany, Chemnitz - AJZ Talschock 106.24 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Kylesa2012-02-15Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 58.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Bane2015-05-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 41.10 minFull HD MasterView
Rammstein2013-06-21Germany, Scheeßel - Hurricane Festival 89.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewRT
Touche Amore2014-05-18Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 49.03 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Machine Head2012-06-29Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 80.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Sick Of It All2016-03-12Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 74.24 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Dillinger Escape Plan2017-08-16Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 77.03 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Beatsteaks2014-09-17Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 98.11 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Rise Against2012-03-18Germany, Leipzig - Arena 86.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Korn2013-06-30Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 73.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Nine Inch Nails2014-06-07Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 80.10 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Boy Sets Fire2012-08-07Germany, Dresden - Scheune 81.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Disturbed2016-06-04Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 59.11 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Sepultura2018-02-23Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 94.10 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Marilyn Manson2015-06-06Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 74.31 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Parkway Drive2012-04-21Germany, Leipzig - Agra Impericon Festival57.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Deez Nuts2013-11-15Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 58.45 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Anthrax2014-06-07Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 49.59 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Ministry2012-08-09Czech Republic, Josefov - Brutal Assault Festival 63.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Rammstein2016-08-20Germany, Grosspösna - Highfield Festival 87.50 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Heaven Shall Burn2011-10-14Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 80.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Converge2018-04-28Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 60.53 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Body Count2015-06-06Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 43.39 minAUDFull HD MasterView
The Ghost Inside2012-04-21Germany, Leipzig - Agra Impericon Festival31.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Architects2014-03-30Germany, Chemnitz - AJZ Talschock 65.32 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Blink 1822014-08-16Germany, Grosspösna - Highfield Festival 78.20 minAUDFull HD MasterViewRT
Heaven Shall Burn2016-09-17Germany, Chemnitz - AJZ Talschock 94.39 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Social Distortion2012-08-18Germany, Grosspösna - Highfield Festival 80.00 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Limp Bizkit2019-06-30Germany, Gräfenhainichen - Ferropolis Full Force Festival63.48 minAUDFull HD Masterratm-bootlegsView
Bane2015-12-12Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 62.18 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Linkin Park2012-06-03Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 90.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Machine Head2011-11-10Germany, Dresden - Alter Schlachthof 104.00 minAUDFull HD MasterViewUM
Modern Life Is War2015-04-14Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 53.22 minAUDFull HD MasterView
Despised Icon2009-06-18Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 32.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Sick Of It All2011-04-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 69.00 minAUDMy MasterView
This Is Hell2010-04-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 27.00 minAUDMy MasterView
The Casting Out2008-09-28Germany, Dresden - Scheune 55.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Converge2010-07-23Germany, Berlin - C-Club 66.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Metallica2008-06-08Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 127.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Social Distortion2011-06-05Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 64.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Architects2009-11-20Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 40.00 minAUDMy MasterView
AC/DC2009-05-13Germany, Leipzig - Zentralstadion 119.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Soulfly2009-07-03Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 67.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Blink 1822010-08-22Germany, Grosspösna - Highfield Festival 78.00 minAUDMy MasterView
The Offspring2008-11-30Germany, Berlin - Velodrom T-Mobile Playgrounds62.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Agnostic Front2010-04-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 60.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Bane2010-11-05Germany, Rosswein - Jugendhaus 51.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Despised Icon2009-11-20Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 41.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Black Friday 292008-06-20Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 35.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Foo Fighters2011-08-21Germany, Grosspösna - Highfield Festival 132.00 minAUDMy MasterViewUM
Slipknot2009-06-07Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 94.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsViewRT
Kvelertak2011-05-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 35.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Motörhead2009-07-05Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 75.00 minAUDMy MasterViewUM
This Is Hell2009-04-03Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 32.00 minAUDMy MasterView
The Casting Out2010-05-26Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 62.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Trapped Under Ice2010-11-05Germany, Rosswein - Jugendhaus 31.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Hot Water Music2009-11-28Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 80.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Comeback Kid2008-06-20Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 53.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Beatsteaks2011-09-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 119.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Korn2009-06-06Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 71.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Comeback Kid2011-05-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 51.00 minAUDMy MasterView
The Casting Out2009-07-07Germany, Dresden - Chemiefabrik 59.00 minAUDMy MasterView
The Blackout Argument2009-04-03Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 34.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Heaven Shall Burn2010-05-28Germany, Jena - F-Haus 65.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Boy Sets Fire2010-12-05Germany, Berlin - Velodrom T-Mobile Playgrounds78.00 minAUDMy MasterView
In Flames2009-12-06Germany, Berlin - Columbiahalle 88.00 minAUDMy MasterViewUM
Machine Head2008-07-04Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 88.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Stolen Youth2011-10-04Czech Republic, Prague - Café na půl cesty 31.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Marilyn Manson2009-06-06Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 68.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsViewRT
The Ghost Inside2011-05-01Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 19.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Rage Against The Machine2008-06-10Germany, Berlin - Zitadelle Spandau 62.00 minAUDMy MasterViewRT
Architects2009-04-17Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 30.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Snapcase2010-06-30Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 71.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Protest The Hero2011-02-04Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 44.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Madball2010-03-13Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 53.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Cavalera Conspiracy2008-07-06Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 69.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Korn2008-02-16Germany, Leipzig - Haus Auensee 72.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Korn2011-06-03Germany, Nuremberg - Rock im Park Festival 73.00 minMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
The Offspring2009-08-22Germany, Hohenfelden - Highfield Festival 68.00 minAUDMy MasterViewRT
Misery Signals2009-04-17Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 31.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Aborted2009-06-18Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 41.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Darkest Hour2011-02-04Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 52.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Terror2010-03-13Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 40.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Metallica2008-09-12Germany, Berlin - O2 World 123.00 minAUDMy Masterratm-bootlegsView
Slayer2010-07-04Germany, Roitzschjora - With Full Force Festival 74.00 minAUDMy MasterViewUM
The Casting Out2008-02-23Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 55.00 minAUDMy MasterrightView
Cypress Hill2011-07-10Germany, Gräfenhainichen - Ferropolis Splash Festival86.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Faith No More2009-08-22Germany, Hohenfelden - Highfield Festival 81.00 minAUDMy MasterView
Comeback Kid2009-04-17Germany, Leipzig - Conne Island 41.00 minAUDMy Masterback/rightView
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